Our trading method is based on 2 main concepts

1. Auction Market Theory
2. Supply And Demand

In a nut shell we aim to identify areas where we anticipate willing buyers and sellers as a result of an imbalance of supply and demand. Basic logic shows us that if the market or any item for that matter sees an increase in demand its current price will rise and if there is a lack of demand / over supply its price will fall. Therefore the idea is to identify areas in the market were we expect traders to see ES as too cheap or too expensive and then execute trades at these areas. Our analysis is based on AMT meaning the areas we wish to trade from are derived from reading profiles. The additional benefit to trading ES this way is that we have an added edge in that we can also analyse market internals as the day progresses. These internals help us to decide whether or not to auto buy or sell a level or wait for a little extra confirmation.

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